Amanda Bynes sets fire to driveway, almost kills her dog


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Remember the last time we reported Amanda Bynes had officially lost her marbles? Well, we spoke to soon, because now she is officially crazy. The 27-year-old commited a random act of arson on Monday night in the driveway of a Thousand Oaks home in California.

Witness Andrew Liverpool was driving by the area when he noticed a small fire and someone lying on the ground. He got out of his car to help and quickly realized it was Bynes, ugly wig and all. Bynes, who was on the ground putting out her pant leg, which had caught fire during her literal meltdown, quickly got up and pushed Liverpool aside to grab her dog.

He told reporters she was very concerned about her dog, who she thought had gotten burned. Security tape footage shows Bynes wandering into a liquor store while looking for somewhere to wash off her gasoline-soaked dog.

A few minutes later, Bynes returned to the scene of the crime with her dog. Liverpool, who was on the phone with police, observed the troubled actress attempt to get into a cab she had called. He intervened and told her that the authorities were on their way to help.

When law enforcement officials got there a little after 9 p.m. it was instantly clear that Bynes was off her rockers. After questioning the actress authorities decided to put her under a 5150 hold, made infamous after Britney Spears’ meltdown in 2008.
The 5150 hold is only enforced for 72 hours, after which Bynes will be a free woman to once again drench her dog in gasoline and throw bongs out of high rises.
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