Alphabet-owned Loon to send internet balloons to Kenya

Loon plans to deploy internet balloons in Kenya to provide 4G coverage where internet connection is limited.


NSFW    KENYA — Google's sister company Loon, has announced it will soon deploy balloons to bring internet access to remote parts of Kenya.

The "internet" balloons are the size of a tennis court and are made of polyethylene. It is also filled with helium and uses a solar panel for power, reports the BBC.

The balloons will fly in the stratosphere, around 20 kilometers above sea level.

Loon has designed the balloons to stay in the air for months.

The company has programmed the balloons to move by wind channels. Its software will predict speed and direction, then maneuver itself to go where it needs to go, reports Wired.

The "internet" balloons also have antennas that receive wireless internet signals from a local telecom partner Telkom Kenya, and relays the signal to other balloons in the region.

According to a Reuters report, the balloons will provide 4G coverage to areas where internet connection is limited.
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