Alien hunters detect radio signals from distant galaxy

Scientists searching out alien life were presented with a A New Hope last month when their equipment picked up signals from another galaxy.


NSFW    BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — Astronomers last month reported detections of radio bursts from a far away galaxy.

Writing in the Astronomer's Telegram, scientists reported 15 fast radio bursts detected from a dwarf galaxy some 3 billion light years from our own. Scientists suggest the bursts may have come from a magnetar, which is a rotating neutron star with a strong magnetic field.

Researchers also speculate that the bursts may originate from alien laser technology used to propel and power spacecraft, like wind powers sails on a ship, according to a University of California, Berkeley news release. That theory is similar to Breakthrough Starshot, an initiative aimed at propelling nanocraft to Proxima Centauri with Earth-based lasers.

Whatever they came from, researchers say that those signals began travelling from their galaxy over 10 billion years ago, when ours wasn't even 2 billion years old.
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