Alabama woman's stomach issues turn out to be 50-pound cyst

Doctors removed a massive cyst weighing over 50 pounds from an Alabama woman who had been having stomach issues for months.


NSFW    MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA — A woman in Alabama suffered through a slew of mysterious health issues before doctors discovered something was massively wrong with her.

WSFA reports that for months, Kayla Rahn had unexplained stomach pain that made it difficult to even carry out daily activities. The solution, doctors told her, was to lose weight.

The 30-year-old had been trying to do just that for about a year, but she kept gaining weight and was sick of being mistaken for a pregnant lady.

When the pain got too much in May, Rahn's mother rushed her to the ER, where a series of tests finally revealed what was wrong: a benign but massive growth on one ovary.

Doctors immediately operated on her, and extracted a giant 50-pound cyst. The mucinous cystadenoma was something they'd seen before, just never this humongous.

Since the operation, Rahn says she feels like 'a huge burden has been lifted.' Well yeah, literally.

She hopes her ordeal will get people to listen to their bodies, and continue taking it up with a doctor if something doesn't feel right.
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