Alabama lady who twerked on arresting cop facing charges

An Alabama woman who went viral for twerking on an officer trying to arrest her is facing twin charges of disorderly conduct and harassment.


NSFW    TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA — An Alabama woman who did a number on the cop arresting her is in a lot of trouble.

According to the Smoking Gun, April Teale was arrested outside a Waffle House in Tuscaloosa on Saturday night.

The girl had been partying after a college football match between Alabama and Tennessee, and told Busted Coverage she's had one too many Jagers and Bootleggers.

In a now-viral video, Teale is seen pressed up against the glass as a cop tries to cuff her. Seeing a golden opportunity, she backs up and proceeds to twerk it like Miley, all while moaning, "Oh, yeah, you like that? You like that? Yeah?"

Well, turns out he didn't.

According to court records, 24-year-old Teale is facing two misdemeanor charges for disorderly conduct and harassment, but since the arrest report hasn't been made public, it's unclear if it's from the grindin' or something else.

She's currently free on $1,000 bond, and has taken to Instagram to offset her legal costs, asking folks to Venmo her 5 bucks, saying, "I'd like that."

Teale also told Busted Coverage she's writing an apology letter to the police department, despite being fully confident that they won't let her off the hook.
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