Airline seats now have creepy cameras pointed at passengers

Entertainment system companies are installing cameras to offer future options like seat-to-seat video conferencing which no one will ever use.


NSFW    THE PRIVACY INVADING SKIES — Some planes operated by American Airlines, United Airlines and Singapore Airlines have cameras preinstalled in seat-back entertainment systems.
According to Buzzfeed News, a passenger on a Singapore flight posted a photo of his seat-back display with the camera on Feb. 17.
According to the Associated Press, American, United and Singapore all said last Friday that they have never activated the cameras and have no plans to use them.
According to an American Airlines spokesman, entertainment system companies have been installing the cameras to offer future options like seat-to-seat conferencing.
American's seat-back entertainment systems are manufactured by Panasonic, while Singapore uses Panasonic and Thales, according to airline representatives.
American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said cameras are in premium economy seats on 82 Boeing 777 and Airbus A330-200 planes.
Singapore spokesman James Boyd said cameras are on 84 Airbus A350s, Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s and 787s.
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