Airline pilot blasts AC to force passengers off plane

This pilot doesn't mess around.


NSFW    INDIA — A video showing an airline cabin filling up with mist as passengers vomit has gone viral.

The AirAsia flight was flying from Kolkata to a small town in West Bengal when it was delayed for four hours, reports The Express.

The captain made an announcement for the passengers to get off the plane, giving no explanation.

When the poor passengers refused as it was raining heavily outside, he decided to retaliate.

The pilot reportedly blasted the ac on full, forcing the passengers to deplane.

The video shows passengers protesting, screaming loudly, some even hurling as the mist filled the cabin.

Passengers complained saying it was "suffocating," and very "unprofessional and rude."

Air Asia released a statement apologizing for the inconvenience, however the airline claims the A/C was turned on because of 'high humidity conditions…."
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