Airbus to offer luxury pods in A330 cargo holds by 2020

Airbus said it will develop modular sleeping compartments for its A330 family of planes.


NSFW    TOULOUSE, FRANCE — Airbus announced it plans to offer luxury sleeping cabins in the cargo holds of their A330 wide-body planes by 2020.

The European aircraft company is partnering with Zodiac Aerospace to develop modular compartments that are easily interchangeable with cargo containers, according to the Guardian.

The spaces will be separate from the economy and business class seating areas in aircrafts.

Passengers will be able to book sleeping compartments, meeting rooms, lounges and children’s play areas, according to Wired.

Each of the areas fits inside a container that can be inserted into the cargo hold like traditional cargo.

According to the Guardian, a Zodiac Aerospace spokesperson said that pods could be removed and changed in about a day. Depending on the model of the A330, three or four cabins could fit into each airplane.
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