Airbnb host pushes guest down flight of stairs after late checkout

Video footage shows the host grab the guest, hold her against a wall, and say “This is not Africa.” With nothing to hold on to, the guest then loses her grip and falls down the entire flight of stairs.


NSFW    AMSTERDAM — A South African filmmaker probably didn’t leave a nice review following her stay at an Airbnb in Amsterdam over the weekend, which ended with her being shoved down a flight of stairs.

On July 9, Steve Nkumbi and her friends were woken by their Airbnb landlady after they’d slept through their agreed-upon checkout time. Steve says they apologized and asked for a few minutes to pack, but before long the woman’s husband arrived at the door and demanded they leave immediately. Steve says the man was noticeably emotional, so they tried to get by him and exit. But when they did, he grabbed her, held her against a wall, and said “This is not Africa.” With nothing to hold on to, Steve then lost her grip and fell down the entire flight of stairs.

As the video shows, when she reaches the bottom, she lies there unconscious. The host, realizing what he’d done, can be heard yelling for someone to call an ambulance. Steve woke up in the hospital, having suffered internal injuries, bruises, and a concussion.

Steve is now speaking out about her ordeal in hopes the angry host will be held responsible for his actions. Steve says though they were late, she believes had she been white, things would have turned out differently. The office of the prosecutor is reportedly looking into attempted murder charges against the man.
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