Air Force developing EMP missile that could knockout NK rockets

The Air Force is working on a non-lethal cruise missile that could be used against North Korean rockets.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force is developing a new, non-lethal cruise missile which officials say could knock out North Korean missiles.

The system is called the CHAMP, which stands for Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project.

It's a high-powered microwave weapon that can be delivered on an air-launched cruise missile from an American bomber, according to CNN.

The Champ system is designed to fly at low altitudes into enemy airspace and send out strong electromagnetic impulses in order to jam enemy control-and-command systems.
Cruise missiles fired by the enemy would then splash down in the ocean.

The system is still in the development phase and also has drawbacks. Although non-lethal, the missile looks similar to the nuclear-capable variant and could be mistaken as an act of war if spotted by other countries.
Another obstacle for the CHAMP system is that military equipment often has redundant wiring and insulation to protect from electronic attacks. The system would need to be able to disable all those electronics in order to successfully bring missiles down out of the sky.
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