AI SpaceFactory wins NASA's 3D printed Mars Habitat competition

The company came up with a pod-shaped habitat that would be made from materials already present on Mars.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — AI SpaceFactory has won first place in NASA's 3D printed Habitat Challenge for its Mars habitat prototype, according to a press release by the company.

The 3D-printed structures were tested and evaluated on the mix of material used, leakage, durability and strength, according to a NASA news release.

The pod-shaped habitat is called Marsha and was 3D-printed over the course of 30 hours. According to the company, the habitat would be made from materials such as biopolymer basalt composite, which can be extracted from Mars.

This process would be enabled by In-situ resource utilization or ISRU, which would harvest the Red Planet's surface to collect the resources needed. The robotic 3D printers would then use the materials to print the Martian habitats.

AI SpaceFactory explained on its website that Marsha utilizes a dual-shell system that would isolate the habitat from extreme weather temperature shifts on Mars.

It would also include strategically placed windows that would allow natural light to enter the habitat while keeping out harmful solar and cosmic radiation.
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