Adorable lost sea otter pup reunited with mother

The lost pup was found by a fisherman on Monday morning.


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MORRO BAY, CALIFORNIA — A lost baby otter is back at home after being spotted by a commercial fisherman in the waters off Morro Bay, according to the city of Morro Bay in a Facebook post.
According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the fisherman got in touch with the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol, who contacted environmental scientist Mike Harris of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Harris then joined other officials who found the pup. According to Harris in a phone interview with the paper, the female baby was about 2 days old.
When mothers gets separated from their pups, they cry out to find one another. The team recorded the pup's cries and then went around the bay playing it with a wireless speaker.

They eventually located the mother in a group of otters by the South T Pier, close to a mile away from where the pup was discovered.
The little girl gets gently tossed back into the water by her mother, who at first dives out of sight.
After a few nerve-racking seconds, the mother comes back up underneath her baby and the family is reunited.
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