Adam Kokesh gun stunt lands activist in jail, no bail


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Adam Kokesh gun stunt: is no bail too harsh? Iraq war veteran and gun-rights activist Adam Kokesh has bain jailed on charges he violated the gun laws in Washington DC.

His crime? Kokesh made a political video in the capitol’s Freedom Plaza and posted the clip to YouTube. In the video, he can be seen carrying what appears to be a shotgun.

A Park Police SWAT team raided Kokesh’s home in Virginia and found drugs and weapons, including a shotgun similar to the one depicted in the video.

An attorney for the activist argued there was no evidence that Kokesh didn’t simply use a prop in the video. He also said the guns could have belonged to one of the roommates who share living quarters with Kokesh.

But the Superior Court judge didn’t see it that way. He ordered Kokesh held without bail until trial.

Kokesh’s protest activities have centered around libertarian causes. He once participated in dance flashmob at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial to protest a ruling that banned dancing at the monument.

When asked if he had a permit to organized the protest, Kokesh produced a copy of the Constitution, which allows “people peaceably to assemble” in the First Amendment

It is Second Amendment activism that has landed Kokesh in a D.C. jail, where he will be held until trial. The judge in the case called Kokesh a “very dangerous man”.
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