Aaron Hernandez home surveillance video shows ex Patriots player with gun


NSFW    Gun Crazy

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez seems to be proof of the adage that they never catch the smart criminals, only the dumb ones. Hernandez is accused of murdering his friend Odin Lloyd on June 17 in an industrial area near Hernandez’s home, reportedly because Lloyd knew things that would harm Hernandez’s relationship with the Patriots and with his fiancee and baby mamma Shayanna Jenkins. Lloyd was shot execution-style by a .45 caliber weapon authorities identified by authorities as a Glock handgun. Police have yet to find the murder weapon, but they have found Glock ammunition in Hernandez’s Humvee and at a condo he rented to use as a bachelor pad. Even worse for Hernandez, he had a complicated security system installed in his home. Footage from the system shows him with what prosecutors say is a gun in his hand shortly before Lloyd was murdered. The footage also shows Hernandez leaving at 1:12am and then returning shortly after the murder at 3:30am in a silver Nissan Altima, the same make of car that was seen coming and going from the site where Llyod’s body was later found. Hernandez destroyed the surveillance system before giving it to the police, but authorities were still able to pull images from the system and have released some to the media. The weird thing is that Hernandez had a security expert show him how to disable the surveillance system’s cameras. So either Hernandez is innocent, or he’s really, really stupid.
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