AA to have smaller restrooms for its North American flights

American Airlines newest aircraft Boeing 737-Max is going to feature smaller bathroom.


NSFW    'MURICA — American Airlines is shrinking bathrooms for its North American flights, reports Miami News.

Smaller bathrooms will be installed on the new Boeing 737-Max airplanes, which reportedly will be just 24 inches wide.

American airlines also plans to decrease its front-to-back space between economy class by another two inches, reports KHON.

American Airlines commented that the new airplanes will have 172 seats, compared to previously having 160 seats.

The airline had previously been in the news for shrinking its overhead bins. American Airlines has also reportedly been receiving a lot of negative feedback from travel bloggers, frequent fliers and even flight attendants.

For now, the new single-aisle aircraft will be in use starting later this year and will be flown mainly in North America.
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