AA back to squeezing in tighter seats on Boeing 737s

American Airlines' Boeing 737s are getting retrofitted with narrower seats, less legroom, and tiny lavatories.


NSFW    FORT WORTH, TEXAS — American Airlines is back to retrofitting their fleet of Boeing 737-800 planes with a newer, tighter, and much less comfy interior.

According to View From the Wing, the retrofit program was paused back in March after 737 Max planes were grounded following the fatal Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes.

At the time, American didn't want to take any more planes out of service and risk cancelling even more flights.

But now, they're back at it again, squeezing in 12 more seats per plane at the expense of passengers' ever-shrinking legroom.

The seats are harder, with less padding and less recline ability. The divider between first and economy is gone, and there's no seatback video screen, either!

The only thing that did get bigger are the overhead storage bins, but that's so the airline won't have to keep gate-checking bulky bags, which can cause delays.

If you think that's a tight fit, wait til you see the bathroom, described by one AA pilot as "the most miserable experience in the world."

There's no way anyone will be happy flying in this sardine can, so we're not sure where AA President Robert Isom heard the nice responses customers supposedly gave.

Hate to break it to ya, Bobby boy, but your Project Oasis is really more of a mirage, and definitely not a "real success."
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