A woman stops a train from leaving by using her foot

A woman used her foot to prevent a train from leaving because she didn't want to miss it.


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GUANGZHOU / CHINA — A woman had to be restrained in Guangzhou railway station when she successfully stopped an entire train using only her foot.

According to The South China Morning Post, the woman surnamed Wong came to the station around 11:28 pm with her brother and friend.

However, the trio were too late to catch their train to Changsha South.

Wong explained she was worried about missing work the following day so she tried to convince staff to let her through the barrier.

After arguing with the station officers, Wong jumped the gate and made a dash for the departing train.

She began banging on the train windows, shouting, "Open the door!"

She then daringly wedged her foot between the platform edge and the train.

The station staff told her, "Get up, the train is about to depart so we cannot open the door. The door won't open! You can still take the next train, get up first!"

Wong replied, "No, I don't want the next train, you can do it, please, I just want to get on this train!"

The police were then called to the scene to apprehend the woman. Wong was sentenced to nine days in detention for disturbing order in a public place and impeding the normal flow of traffic.
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