A gunshot couldn't stop this dying pregnant woman from saving her unborn child

There's a reason we honor our mothers: they quite literally would die to save us, as this hero mom in North Carolina did after she was shot by her boyfriend.


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A 25-year-old woman in North Carolina's being hailed as a hero for saving the life of her unborn after she was shot by her boyfriend on Saturday evening outside a store she worked in Raleigh. Kimberly Richardson was six months pregnant when, for reasons unknown, she was gunned down by her boyfriend near the shop she worked at.

With her dying breaths, Kimberly managed to direct the 9-1-1 dispatcher to her location and doctors were able to perform an emergency cesarean saving the life of Kimberly's tiny daughter. Kimberly, however, died from her injuries.

The boyfriend, Daniel Joseph Steele, was arrested a short time later and is facing capital first-degree murder charges.
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