A Florida man dressed as Rambo and armed with a rifle walks into a bar. What happens next is no joke

For no known reason, David Allen Noble returned to a Central Florida bar intent on mass destruction, but got a healthy serving of Freshly Whooped Ass instead.


NSFW    Gun Crazy

Florida-native David Allen Noble was hanging out at the Europa Lounge and Bistro seemingly having a good time, and at no point seemed disturbed or upset. He got up to leave and exited the bar just like any other customer. But about 30 minutes later, he came back wearing a Rambo-like tactical uniform, wielding two bowie knives and an assault rifle. However, two other very UNARMED customers sprang into action.

Vassili Moronov and Roman Dubinsechi managed to not only prevent what could have been a massive tragedy taking place, but they took out the faux-Rambo with their bare hands--managing to disarm him and render him unconscious before anything tragic could happen.

Both heroes suffered cuts to the hands, while Moronov also got a wound over his eye. None of the injuries are permanent.

Noble is facing various charges including attempted murder and is being held in the Flagler county jail without bail. It is unknown what made him return to the bar armed.
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