A fatberg longer than the Tower Bridge is blocking sewers in London

A fatberg the size of — it's huge — was found blocking a sewer tunnel in east London.


NSFW    LONDON — A 250-meter long fatberg weighing 130 tons has been discovered blocking a sewer line in London.

The huge mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, diapers, oil and condoms formed in a sewer tunnel in Whitechapel, the BBC reported.

Thames Water officials said it was one of the biggest blockages they had seen before and that it would take three weeks to remove, according to the BBC.

Fatbergs form when people put things they shouldn't down toilets and sinks.

The fatberg weighs as much as 10.5 school buses, or a blue whale.

The length of the fatberg is actually 6 meters longer than the 244-meter Tower Bridge.

Workers began removing the mass this week. Eight workers will use high-pressure hoses to break up the mass, then suck up the pieces into trucks and then transport the waste to a recycling station.
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