Taiwanese kids fight Wuhan virus with a lego robot


NSFW    KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN ??With just 81 miles between them and China, Taiwan, a country of 23 million people has managed to curb the epidemic and of March 10th, some four months later, the country has just 48 cases of Covid-19.

With everyone pulling in the same direction, it should be no surprise then to see students at an elementary school in Kaohsiung fighting the disease in their own unique way, and in this case, an automated disinfectant dispenser built from Legos.

Kids from the ages of six to 12 use every chance they can to get in line and use their self-built disinfectant robot.

What's more, the student-built bot cheers, "washing hands is super!" after it senses a pair of hands in front of its ultrasonic sensor.

Beside their disinfecting bot, are scenes crafted by the younger students showing various situations that require hand washing: an operating table, a toilet, and even a flower garden.

Teachers at the school in Linyuan, which is situated in an industrial area, decided that after the Fukushima disaster in 2011, students should know the basic principles of robotics; that way, they could help solve problems in the future such as air pollution and gas explosions.

Unsurprisingly, the school has represented Taiwan in many international competitions and won several prizes.

Tackling this pandemic starts with all of us.
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