9-year-old girl with cerebral palsy saves baby brother from drowning

The young Canadian hero received awards from the local police department and city hall.


NSFW    HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA — A 9-year-old girl from Halifax, Nova Scotia, saved her baby brother from drowning, and received honors for her heroic conduct.

Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle is a 9-year-old Canadian girl from Nova Scotia. She lives with cerebral palsy, a condition caused by abnormal brain development that affects her motor skills and movement.

On the day of her ninth birthday, while the rest of the family was busy getting ready for her party, her 18-months-old sibling Leeland sneaked outside and wandered dangerously close to the swimming pool.

According to CTV, Lexie, who uses a wheelchair and is unable to speak, understood how critical the situation was, pointed at the door and screamed out as loud as she possibly could.

Her mom and her grandmother quickly realized Leeland was not around, and rushed outside. They found him floating by the edge of the pool, and quickly pulled him out.

He was in stable condition after coughing up some water, but the family took him to the hospital for good measure.

CNN reports that the young girl received an award from the Halifax Region Council for her heroic conduct, and was also honored by the city's police department.
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