82 chihuahuas found in dirty, chaotic condition in British house

Police officers find 82 chihuahuas in dirty and chaotic condition in a British house


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BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM — More than 80 chihuahuas had been discovered in a Birmingham house that "looked like it had been hit by an earthquake," reports The BBC.

Apparently the house was owned by a woman and her husband who had originally just brought two chihuahuas home, Blue and Tinkerbell.

However, as they failed to get the first two neutered, the number of pups in the house quickly began to multiply and four years later they had 82 dogs!

The case came to the attention of the British police when they were examining the cause of the woman's death.

They went to her house and found a bunch of chihuahuas, some having "matted coats, fleas, or burns."

The police were reportedly stunned when they arrived at the woman's home and found the house "filthy and cramped."

The police called a vet who said the house was "too hazardous" for the dogs to continue staying there, The BBC reports.

The dogs were taken to Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Birmingham for checkups, reports The Mirror.
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