Possible ‘Havana Syndrome' Attack Delays V.P. Harris' Flight

Havana Syndrome is a mysterious illness that many experts believe could only be caused by directed energy weapons that pulse invisible microwaves at targets.


NSFW    SINGAPORE — Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Vietnam was recently delayed after suspicions that a case of Havana Syndrome had been detected in the Vietnamese capitol of Hanoi.

Havana Syndrome is a mysterious illness most experts believe could only be caused by directed energy weapons that pulse invisible microwaves at targets. Here are the details:

CNN reports U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s flight from Singapore to Hanoi on Tuesday, August 24 was delayed after an American diplomat suffered an ‘anomalous incident,’ the term used by the Biden administration to describe Havana Syndrome, a mysterious illness suffered by hundreds of U.S. and Canadian diplomats and CIA agents since 2016.

First identified in Havana, the symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, headaches and loss of hearing, memory and balance. Some sufferers were forced into permanent retirement.

Various theories have been proposed to explain the cause of the syndrome. Among the leading theories are directed microwave radiation, unintended consequences of a hacking operation, and mass psychogenic illness.

Microwave weapons work in much the same way as an ordinary microwave oven. A strong electrical current is fed into a magnetron. A magnetron is a high-powered vacuum tube that oscillates microwaves to produce high-energy microwave radiation.

However, in a microwave oven, this energy bounces around within the walls of the oven. Instead of containing the energy inside a box, a microwave weapon concentrates the energy into a focused direction, with minimal broadening of the energy stream. This is why it’s also called a directed energy weapon.

The second main theory is that the syndrome is the result of a hacking operation which used an energy tool to collect data from the devices of government employees, New York Magazine reports, citing intelligence officials. Whoever was responsible for the operation noticed the injury it was causing and began using it intentionally as a weapon.

Finally, some scientists believe the syndrome may be mass psychogenic illness, which occurs when a group of people perceive the same symptoms, despite there being no external cause. This theory states there is no underlying disease, even though the symptoms are real and cause distress.

“Directed microwave radiation is the most plausible explanation, according to a recent report by a U.S. National Academy of Sciences committee.”

“On October 19 last year, the New York Times reported that ‘some senior Russia analysts in the CIA, officials at the State Department, and outside scientists, see Russia as the most likely culprit given its history with weapons that cause brain injuries and its interest in fracturing Washington's relations with Beijing and Havana.’”

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported on August 18 that at least two U.S. officials stationed in Germany sought medical treatment after developing symptoms of the mysterious disease.

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