Massive Surge in Earthquakes Below Kilauea Volcano


NSFW    ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII — Earlier last week scientists monitoring Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano raised the alert level from ‘advisory’ to ‘watch’ in a move that signalled increasing potential for an eruption.

The move came in response to a series of earthquakes and ground swelling at the site, which can be an indication that it will soon expel lava.

In isolation neither earthquakes nor ground swelling put scientists on alert for eruptions. However, when they arise together they can indicate that magma below the volcano is moving around, according to The Associated Press.

From Monday to Wednesday hundreds of small earthquakes were detected at the site, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, with some striking as often as 25 times an hour.

Chances of an eruption receded when the number of earthquakes and amount of ground swelling reduced on Wednesday, leading the alert level to be lowered. But scientists will continue to watch for increases in activity, according to The Associated Press.

Most recently, in December, Kilauea erupted at the crater, creating a lava lake containing enough lava to fill 10 Hoover dams.

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