Iran Converts Massive Oil Tanker Into Forward Floating Base


NSFW    TEHRAN, IRAN ??Iran's navy has formally commissioned its largest vessel, the Makran, a former oil tanker converted into a logistics vessel with a helicopter pad.

State TV reported the Makran joined a missile drill in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday, Jan. 13, according to a report by the Associated Press.

The Makran was converted from the oil tanker Persian Gulf. Citing Irananian state TV, the Drive's War Zone blog reports the 121,000-metric ton vessel is 748 feet long, 138 feet wide and 70 feet tall.

The War Zone cited Iranian media reports that the Makran will be able to carry six or seven helicopters. Video posted to YouTube by the semi-official Tasnim news outlet shows RH-53D Sea Stallion, AS-61A-4 Sea King and AB212ASW helicopters flying from the ship, as well as what the War Zone identified as an indigenous Pelican-2 drone.
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