Train Forced to Stop Because of Arrogant Chinese Woman


NSFW    ZIYANG, SICHUAN, CHINA ??A woman in Sichuan province brought a train to a halt with nothing more than her own carelessness.

Footage from Pear Video shows a woman of about 40-years-old on the 2nd of June waltz across a railroad in the city of Ziyang whilst nattering on the phone, her negligence for her surroundings forced the train to actually stop.

The lax woman, despite the cries of train workers continues to walk on the tracks until finally responding to yells from people waiting at the crossing. She casually steps off the tracks and, you guessed it, continues talking on the phone.

According to Pear Video, this section of the track is primarily used for transporting goods and, fortunately for the woman, usually runs at a slower speed.

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