Chinese Company 'Team Building': Motivating or Abuse?


NSFW    LUOYANG, HENAN, CHINA ??In the pursuit of milking every ounce of effort from their staff, some Chinese companies within the borders of the communist regime, punish their employees, usually for not reaching their targets; these punishments in the past have seen staff spanked on stage and even forced to drink cups of urine.

The latest example, however, comes from the Henan city of Luoyang on the 10th of June, where a video captures the moment a real estate agency forces its workers to do push-ups in the street while having water poured on their backs because according to the report via Boiling Point Video, they failed to meet sales targets.

After the footage made its rounds online, Chinese netizens expressed their outrage, however, the agency involved in the matter claimed that it was an old video and that such practices were no longer condoned.

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