Chinese Woman Caught Spitting on Elevator Buttons


NSFW    SIPING, JILIN, CHINA ??A woman has been caught on CCTV spitting a big green onto the buttons in an elevator.

The incident was posted on Weibo and took place on the 13th of June in a residential building in the city of Siping.

In the clip, we see the woman step into the elevator, take off her hat and mask, and then, in a counter-epidemic-prevention move, spit over the buttons. As she goes to leave the elevator, she puts her mask back on.

The thick spit was noticed by residents of the building and was quickly brought to the attention of security staff who watched the security tape to find out who the rank culprit was.

The worst part about this is that it turned out the woman didn't even live in the building, she was just a visitor.

The woman was detained by police for just a mere seven days, however, netizens made their voice heard and are calling for her to receive a harsher punishment.

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