Chinese Security Jumps Onto the Back of a Fleeing Car!


NSFW    HUNAN, CHINA ??A chengguan officer took to the extremes by clinging onto the back of the car that was trying to make a getaway.

Chengguan officers are Chinese street security in place of the police, tasked with enforcing various routine regulations and they're known for their heavy-handed approach to usually minor misdemeanors.

In this case, a street vendor was spotted illegally selling CDs from his car on the roadside. When the chengguan approached the man to do investigate, he fled the scene in his car.

However, one officer took to the extremes and jumped onto the back of the vehicle.

The officer was then left with no choice but to hold on tight as the car sped along a road and then into a tunnel.

According to the report the fleeing car was forced to a stop by some good samaritan motorists. The CD peddler said sorry to the officer and accepted his punishment.

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