Chinese Man Caught Flinging a Bag of Poo At Restaurant


NSFW    SHANGHAI ??Queuing can bring out the worst in the most impatient of people, but one guy took taking out his frustration one step too far.

Surveillance footage from a restaurant in Shanghai's Huangpu district caught the moment a disgruntled man tossed a bag of poo at the premises.

The CCTV footage shows the man lob the bag at the building's entrance at 2:56 a.m. on July 6, before making a quick getaway on his electric scooter.

The restaurant's workers arrived a few hours later to find the bag lying on the ground and were forced to delay opening their business to clean it up.

Sina News reports that after the police were called at around 9 a.m. they investigated the premises and watched back the CCTV, and from that alone, they were able to identify the man as an individual surnamed Wang, who they then tracked down by that afternoon.

Wang explained to the officers that the night before, he had wanted to eat at the restaurant with his family, however, there was a long line. Not wanting to wait, Wang quarreled with one of the members of staff, and left in a sulk, blaming them for purposely making his life difficult.

But Wang wasn't done, instead, he carefully calculated his revenge and would execute it no matter what. For his crime, Wang was placed in administrative detention for 15 days.

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