Teenager Suffers Stroke From Playing Too Much Video Games


NSFW    GUANGXI, CHINA ??A teenager was hospitalized earlier this year after suffering a stroke from gaming too much.

As schools across China closed in February in response to the Wuhan virus pandemic, 15-year-old hermit, Xiaobin spent his time locked away in his bedroom, button-mashing.

When questioned by his over-trusting parents about his lack of activity, Xiaobin all too easily fooled them by saying he was taking online classes and that he didn't want to be disturbed.

Xiaobin was in fact using every waking hour playing video games which, after a month, resulted in some serious health problems.

According to the report by BTV, the teenager was taken into hospital in Nanning after he collapsed on the floor, and terrifyingly when he woke up, he couldn't move his arm or his hand, leaving doctors to conclude that he had suffered a stroke.

The doctors explained that this frightening incident occurred as a result of Xiaobin's lifestyle whilst locked away in his room, which the report states had no fresh air as the windows were shut. The doctors also connected his lack of exercise, nutrition, and sleep as contributing factors to his stroke, in fact, his mum confessed that her son had only been sleeping two hours a night.

Fortunately for him, he is now undergoing rehab and is beginning to recover some feeling in both his arm and hand, however, whether he'll make a full recovery is unclear.

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