Kid Caught After Falling From 5th Floor


NSFW    JIANGSU, CHINA ??A local man in China's Jiangsu province has been labeled a hero after he caught a toddler who fell from the fifth floor of an apartment building.

Video footage posted to Weibo captures the moment the 2-year-old climbs on an air-conditioning unit before losing his grip and sent spiraling towards the hard ground.

Thankfully, beneath the tumbling infant, a crowd gathered with one neighbor making an extremely clean catch, avoiding what could have been a fatal impact.

So, how did a 2-year-old get on the AC? According to the post the infant had used a stool to climb up and out of his bedroom window.

The neighbor and man of the hour surnamed Li, organized the gathering below to stretch out a blanket after the kid was spotted on the side of the building; before he fell, Li stood on a stool to get as close as he possibly could.

Fortunately for the boy and his absent parents, he suffered zero injuries, however, Li did suffer a bruised arm as a result of catching him.

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