Courier Company Caught Using Mannequins as Parcel Inspectors


NSFW    LUYI, HENAN, CHINA ??Chinese courier company ZTO Express has come under fire after bizarre footage emerged showing one branch using mannequins as package security inspectors.

Footage from inside one rural outlet in Henan's, Luyi shows one mannequin donning the company uniform whilst perched at a workstation, surrounded by potentially unidentified suspicious packages; they've even been so considerate as to add UV sleeves.

According to the report via PearVideo on July 22, the plastic figures were on duty for several months at the start of the year to save on labor costs.

To make matters worse, when one employee first reported the deceit internally to her manager, she was threatened with the sack if she told others about what was going on.

In an all too predictable move of deniability, ZTO Express denied the accusation and instead claimed that the video was in fact staged.

On July 22, the local administration called bullshit on these claims and announced that mannequins really were being used as security inspectors; the company has since been charged with penalties.

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