DJ Spits Jägermeister on Crowd Amid Coronavirus Surge


NSFW    COSTA DEL SOL, SPAIN ??Revelers were left soaked in saliva after a DJ spat Jägermeister over them, despite the country making the biggest jump in coronavirus cases since the national lockdown was lifted in June.

The footage posted to Facebook shows the moment Malaga-born DJ Fali Sotomayor sprays a packed crowd in Costa del Sol with Jägermeister from his mouth.

The video comes just days after ministers decided to reimpose quarantine travel restrictions on Spain after it emerged ten Britons had tested positive for the virus after returning from the country.

In the video, the DJ drinks from the bottle before spitting it out over an unsuspecting crowd; he then begins sharing the drink with others inside the packed club.

Following the scenes, Mr. Sotomayor apologized for what happened, labeling his actions as, 'irresponsible' he also added that he accepts total responsibility for this incident and is ashamed and sorry about what happened.

A spokesperson for the Malaga hotel association said that the incident showed a 'totally negligent attitude' and will never 'defend an attack on public health.'

Local reports said the scenes from the video occurred on July 7, although the video only emerged on Facebook on Saturday.

On July 7, Spain's health ministry reported 3,092 new coronavirus cases in the country, making this event all the more disturbing.

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