Amazon Delivery Driver Does a Poo in Woman's Garden


NSFW    NUTHALL, NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND ??An Amazon delivery driver has got the sack after NHS counselor, Sharon Smith ??who is also a blue belt in Taekwondo ??caught him in her garden doing a poo.

53-year-old Smith relived the horrifying moment and explained that she was cooking in her kitchen in Nuthall, Nottingham on July 26 when a van pulled up outside her home.

The Amazon driver dashed from the vehicle and made a beeline for her garden.

Suspecting Smith followed him on the inkling that he was up to no good and likely stealing some wood.

But if anything, he was giving logs away, as Sharon caught the driver mid-squat and doing a poo in the brambles.

Without hesitation, Sharon got on the phone and called the police.

According to Sharon, the dumper dared to challenge her. She said she asked what he was doing and he just remained pooing whilst asking her what her problem was.

Sharon said, 'He messed with the wrong woman ??I'm a blue belt in taekwondo, and the anger and rage he saw was enough to put the fear of God in him.'

'I made it clear I was calling the police and if he moved he'd regret it. He emerged from the bush quite aggressive but I was angrier than him so kept him there till my husband and then the police arrived.'

To add filth to grim, Sharon noted that the Amazon driver even went on to deliver a parcel with potentially 'traces of excrement' to one of her neighbors.

Upon questioning from the police, the driver claims he was desperate and was feeling unwell.

The Amazon employee was saved from arrest on the promise he cleans up his mess.

After reporting the incident to Amazon on the same day, Sharon was informed the driver would be discharged from his duties.

To compensate Sharon for the mucky turmoil, Amazon promised her a gift voucher.

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