Swiss Town Covered in Swiss Chocolate After Factory Fault


NSFW    OLTEN, SWITZERLAND ??If a news story ever came close to Homer's daydream, this is it, after a Swiss town was left lightly coated in chocolate after a malfunction at a Lindt factory.

A town in Olten, situated between Zurich and Basel, was left covered in delicate chocolate powder after there was a minor defect in the cooling ventilation for a line of roasted 'cocoa nibs.'

Nibs being the fragments of crushed cocoa beans which are the basis of chocolate.

The company confirmed local reports on August 18 that there was a malfunction, after strong winds the week before swept up the powder and spread it around the surrounding vicinity of the factory, leaving the town sweeter than ever.

The company state that one car was lightly dusted in their product and as a result, offered to pay for any cleaning fees; however, their offer has yet to be taken up.

Fear not, chocoholics as factory production was able to continue as normal with the ventilation system being repaired. The company says the sweet particles were completely harmless to people or the environment... but probably not on your hips.

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