7-Eleven trials cashier-less convenient store

7-Eleven says its customers will need to download an app in order to shop and make payments.


NSFW    IRVING, TEXAS — 7-Eleven has announced a trial of a cashier-less store in Irving, Texas starting this week.

During the trial period, the store will only be open to 7-Eleven employees.

Customers shopping at the store will need to download and sign up for an app then use it to check-in at the cashier-less store, according to a press release from the company.

The convenience store will offer an array of products including beverages, food, groceries and also over-the-counter drugs.

Once the customer has finished shopping, the app will be used to make payments and customers can view their receipt once they have exited the store.

7-Eleven did not mention in its press release how long the trial is expected to last.

The company had previously launched a Mobile Checkout feature which allowed customers to skip waiting in line and instead pay for products using their smartphones in selected stores.
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