61-year-old walks 35 miles to work every day to provide for his sick wife

Iowa overnight janitor Steven Simoff treks from Davis City to Osceola, a 7 ½ hour journey, to provide for his sick wife and grandson.


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If you’re the type to complain about your daily commute, then you better learn a thing or two from Steven Simoff. This 61-year-old Iowa man walks an incredible 35 miles to work everyday in order to provide for his family.

The overnight janitor, who works at Lakeside Casino in Osceola, Iowa, leaves his Davis City home at around 3:30 p.m. every day and walks along the shoulder of Interstate 35, just so he can arrive in time to clock in at 11 p.m. for work.

After a gruelling day’s worth of walking along the highway, he next begins working the night shift cleaning the Casino.

But he doesn't complain, instead Simoff tells The Des Moines Register he will do whatever it takes to get to work so he can provide for his family.

His wife Renee had a stroke nine years ago and has since suffered several heart attacks.

Money has been tight since Renee's health problems began.

"First of all, when you got a family, and you've got a job, you've got to be able to support your family. And you've got to keep your job — the most two important things I can think of," Simoff told the De Moines Register.

Simoff only earns $9.07 an hour at the casino and says his family can't afford to live closer to work because their rent in Davis City is only $400 per month.

While the family owns a 2002 Ford Windstar minivan, they rarely can afford to fill up the tank.
The seven and a half hour journey means Simoff has to buy a new pair of shoes every two months, but he says he’s never once been injured during his treks.

When his night shift is over Simoff usually catches a ride back home with a co-worker or a friend.
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