60% of plastic pollution in oceans comes from just five countries

Plastic waste from China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam account for 60% of all plastic pollution in the world's oceans.


NSFW    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — Plastic waste is slowly but surely taking over the world's oceans, and the bulk of them apparently comes from just five Asian countries.

According to a study from Ocean Conservancy called Stemming the Tide, 55-60% of plastic polluting the oceans comes from five countries: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

Uncollected and mismanaged waste on land accounts for about 80% of the 8 million metric tons of trash that flow into the oceans each year.

Environmental organization Greenpeace claims corporations are also at fault for selling products in single-use plastic packaging, especially in so-called 'sachet economies' like the Philippines.

Various studies have shown that plastic pollution negatively impacts marine animals, and may be indirectly affecting humans through the food chain.

Fortunately, improving waste management practices in the five countries can result in a 45% reduction of global plastic waste leakage by 2025.

In tackling plastic pollution, everyone has a role to play. From governments and big conglomerates to the people on the street — every bit helps.
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