6-year-old hair stylist still crushing it with the scissors in China

What's the worst that could go wrong?


NSFW    SUINING, CHINA — On the lookout for a new do? Bangs or no bangs? A perm possibly? Well head over to the Sichuan city of Suining and pop in to see stylist Jiang Hongqi.

Oh yeah—he's also only 6-years-old.
According to Miaopai, Jiang's parents run a hair salon. At 4-years-old, they started taking him to the salon with them.
There he would watch his parents wash, cut and dry customers' hair.

Looks like the hair doesn't fall far from the head because little man soon discovered he had quite the knack for styling.
He started out just washing and drying people's hair, but has since moved up to slicing and dicing men and women's hair.

The 6-year-old styling sensation can also cut and do his own hair.

Jiang also has been known to make a house call or two for those looking for a quick trim.

His slick scissor skills have made him quite the online sensation in China with over a million followers on Chinese video app Kuaishou.
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