Chinese man pays $21,000 for ant-sized parking space


NSFW    XIAN, CHINA ??A massive baller in China dropped over $21,000 on a money parking space. Unfortunately, it looks like it was made for ants.
According to Pear Video, the man surnamed Yu showed local media his unbelievable awesome space in the Shaanxi city of Xi'an.
The man told reporters that he moved into the building in 2008, but didn't spring for a parking space until 2019.
Unfortunately for the man, when he actually saw the space, he realized that there was a massive slab of concrete blocking him from actually opening his door.

What's even more money is that if the a car is parked in the parking spot next to him, the only way he can get in and out of his vehicle is through the sunroof.
Yu then measured the space himself and found it to only be 1.9 meters wide and 4 meters long.
The funny thing is that when Yu told building management about his crappy space, they told him that he would need to blow even more money in order to get a new spot.

Guess Yu better get used to using that sunroof, or maybe we should call it a sundoor.
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