5-year-old boy miraculously survives shooting himself in face with shotgun

A young Texas boy is in stable, but critical condition after accidentally shooting himself in the chin with a shotgun while hunting with his older brother on Friday.


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Two unsupervised boys were hunting Friday afternoon in Humble, Texas when one of the two brothers accidentally shot himself in the face with a shotgun.

The boys, eleven and five, had their father’s shotgun, when the incident happened.

The older sibling had laid the gun down on the ground and when he turned around for a brief moment when he heard a shot ringing through the air.

His younger brother had accidentally shot himself in the chin.

Quick to react, the 11-year-old put his injured sibling in the back of their parent’s car and drove down a dirt road to their closest neighbor's house.

The elder brother notified the retired couple and they immediately called for medical assistance, while another neighbor applied pressure to the child’s wound.

A Memorial Hermann life-flight helicopter arrived within minutes and rushed the little boy to the Houston Medical Center.

Currently, the child remains in stable, but critical condition. Authorities are still investigating how the two managed to get access to a gun in the first place.
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