India builds wall to hide poor people during Trump visit

Is Mexico paying for this one?


NSFW    AHMEDABAD, INDIA — Ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to India next week, Indian authorities decided to build a wall to welcome the big American cheese.
No just kidding. They built it to hide a bunch of poor people and slums, so Trump won't have to look at it when his motorcade wizzes by it during his visit. Oh, how thoughtful of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The Associated Press reports that a half-kilometer (1,640-foot) brick wall was thrown up in an awful hurry in India's Gurjurat state.
According to the AP, Trump plans to hop over to Ahmedabad in Gujarat during a two-day India trip to attend an event called "Namaste Trump," which translates to "Greetings Trump" at a cricket stadium.
Trump and his motorcade accompanied by Modi are planned to drive along a road next to the slum.
Apparently, the wall was originally supposed to be 6 or 7 feet tall, but was chopped down to 4 feet after the government got blasted in public after widespread media coverage.
Senior government official Bijal Patel told AP that the wall was built "for security reasons" and not to hide the slum.
She also said, "apart from security reasons, the wall is also part of a beautification and cleanliness drive."
Here's the most important question though. Is Mexico going to pay for this wall too?
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