MasterCard makes biometrics push for public transit users

The credit firm is exploring gait, face, vein and heartbeat recognition tech.


NSFW    HARRISON, NEW YORK — Market Watch reports CCTV and gait analysis may come to US public transit to allow commuters to pay without using cards or passes, citing MasterCard officials working on biometric technologies with transport firms.

Speaking to the outlet, MasterCard's cyber solutions president Ajay Bhalla said facial features and gait could be linked to databases for cardless payment.

Those methods are less vulnerable to hacking than password authenticated accounts.

MasterCard is also exploring other biometric solutions, such as using wrist bands to identify a commuter's unique heartbeat patterns, EEG, and veins on the surface of their skin to authenticate payments.

Bhalla is cited as saying the way a person holds a phone, which ear they use and the manner their fingers touch buttons on their devices are all potentially useful methods for authentication.
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