63-year-old actress Chen Meifen dubbed "Taiwan's Hottest Auntie"

How is this woman 63?


NSFW    TAIPEI — A Taiwanese actress is turning heads all across the internet for her age-defying looks.

If you didn't know any better, you'd think Chen Meifen was in her 30s. She's actually 63, because ladies and gentlemen, Asian don't raisin!

Back when she was still 36, an influential Taiwanese TV presenter called her the "hottest obasan of Taiwan", obasan being the Japanese term for aunt or older woman. 30 odd years later, she's still fresh-faced and living up to that monicker.

Next Shark reports she's been quoted as saying obasans don't have to look dowdy and ugly, adding that "we can grow beautiful as we age."

Her most recent outing was in a pre-recorded Lunar New Year show for a local broadcaster, which saw her showing off her toned physique in this revealing number.

Most of us can only dream about being this genetically blessed, though according to Next Shark, Chen attributes her assets to a diet of "ginger and soup", and working out.

Chen is a household name in Taiwan. As a 19-year-old in 1975, she was crowned Knitwear Beauty and has been in the limelight for over four decades.

The stunning 63-year-old is fairly active on Facebook and Instagram, where she's got over 500,000 likes and 83,000 followers respectively.

And in case there's any hot uncles watching this – she's also still single!
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