Chinese man takes out 2,257 feet of guardrail with one kick

A testament to fine Chinese construction.


NSFW    LINFEN, CHINA — Guardrails and fences around the world fear this man.

In an amazing testament to human strength—or shoddy Chinese construction—a guy in the city of Linfen in Shanxi province was caught on camera taking out a whopping 2,257 foot chunk of guardrail with just one kick.
According to United Daily News, the incident happened around 2 p.m. on January 29 at the Shili Promenade, a 5 km long riverside trail.

That's when the two men surnamed Shi and Chang decided to film a TikTok video of them kicking a stone pillar.
Unfortunately for the stone pillar—it was made in China. Thankfully for us the stone pillar was—made in China.
One of the guys then unleashes the kick heard round the world, which sets in motion a hilarious CHAIN of events.
After the first pillar falls, because they are all connected by an iron chain, they all begin falling like a massive chain of dominos—218 stone pillar dominos to be exact.
Wonder how the TikTok video turned out?
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