Man gets socked for calling out pharmacy over face mask prices

A customer in China's Liaoning province got punched in the face by a pharmacy employee after he called the store out for jacking face mask prices.


NSFW    SOMEWHERE — A pharmacy employee is in a world of trouble after going rock 'em sock 'em at a customer complaining about face mask price gouging.

According to Beijing News on Miaopai, the incident happened in Donggang, in China's Liaoning province.

On January 27, a male customer at a Kangyi Medicine store filmed himself confronting staff about a too-expensive 35 yuan face mask. He reminded them that there were government regulations against jacking up face mask prices amid the Wuhan outbreak.

A female employee offers to refund his money, but the man insists he wants to buy it at its regular price.

Eventually, a male staff member got aggressive, telling the customer to scram and then punching him right in the moneymaker.

Wth China in the middle of an epidemic, raising face mask prices is about one of the worst, most shameful things anyone can do. That plus the violence, and sure enough – the Chinese internets got absolutely livid.

By that evening, the Donggang City Market Supervision Bureau announced in a statement that it would impose penalties on the store.

According to the Shanghaiist, the male employee has also been detained by the cops.
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