Toyota to transform site at Mt. Fuji base into a futuristic city

Toyota plans to break ground by 2021.


NSFW    TOKYO — Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group has been commissioned by Toyota to build a prototype futuristic city called Woven City at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

In a press release, Toyota said the city will be built on a 175-acre site and will be used to test futuristic vehicles, AI robots and smart homes in a "real-world environment."

Designs of the city were unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas on January 7.

Woven City will include buildings made mostly of wood for sustainability, with its rooftops covered with solar panels to produce energy. In addition to solar power, the city will also be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

Homes will be equipped with AI robots and sensors to take care of residents' basic needs and to monitor their health.

The futuristic city's main roads will only allow fully-autonomous vehicles, such as the Toyota e-Palettes, to operate. There will be separate roads for pedestrians and those using personal mobility vehicles such as bicycles.

A central plaza, neighborhood parks and a large central park will be included for social gatherings among residents.

Toyota explained in its press release that it plans to populate the city with company employees, families, retired couples, visiting scientists and others.

The city will initially be populated with 2,000 people. The company plans to break ground by early 2021.
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