Guy rescues dog after leash gets caught in elevator

Bad owner bad owner.


NSFW    HOUSTON — A Pomeranian from H-town is probably wishing for a new owner after being rescued by a 27-year-old man when its leash got caught in an elevator door.

Security camera footage captured the heart-pounding moment Johnny Mathis saved the little pooch from becoming elevator dinner.
Mathis told NBC News that he was coming home late from work last Monday night and exited the lift on the floor to his apartment.
That's when a new tenant walked into the elevator dragging her dog on a leash behind her.

Most pet owners would probably check if their animals made it in before shutting the doors. This woman doesn't appear to be one of those.

Video Mathis filmed from his building's security camera shows the elevator doors shut on the dog's leash.
Mathis is seen running over to the Pomeranian and struggling to free the dog from its leash as the elevator was heading up to the top floor.
He told NBC News, "I tried to break it at first. I tried to lean down on it with all my weight but it wouldn't snap.
Luckily Mathis was able to get the collar off and save the doggo just in the nick of time.
Pay attention to your pets people...or just don't have any. Have some kids instead. Those are much easier to handle.
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